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Plus size fashions certainly are a force to be reckoned with in modern society. Models are now being selected with plus size proportions and are in great demand. Runways, after the haven of the pencil thin waifs are now making way for the mature, stylish plus size women.

Below are a few up-to-date fashion styles which are on the menu this season for plus size fashions:

1. Wide Leg Pants

Wide-legged trousers are the next most sensible thing to harem styles we’ve been seeing on the runway. Get one of these pair with a looser fit that flares right out of the hips, and pair them with sumptuous footwear. Shoot for wider trousers in a considerable fabric that hides lumps and bumps, from dark denim to heavy wool weights.

2. Boots

Heavy heels will be the best way to start out adding trendy height. Pick the correct width to your shoes and your feet will more comfortably adapt to an increased heel. Most stable are knee-high boots in a thick, solid leather, which support the ankle best, and least supportive are wedges and stilettos. plus size dashiki Get one of these peep-toe pump with a stacked heel for comfort. They are able to also help to balance thicker ankles and calves.

3. Nude Colors

Nude is a superb choice, and a friendly one when you elect to wear it underneath several other layers. Push the envelope and try it with a pleasant lace bustier in cream or white under a sweet cami.

By choosing a color rather than a silhouette, you give yourself plenty of leeway to find something that fits. While many of us who are of larger proportions might not select a solid beige-colored dress, we might like a cami or perhaps a lace-trimmed tank. A touch of on-trend color goes quite a distance.

4. Be Creative

Dashikis, block prints, and colorful tribal prints are something we can easily mix into our wardrobes. Get one of these tunic top to pair with jeans, a fun skirt and heels, or perhaps a cute tote bag as an early nod to fall and winter trends. Wild prints may be intimidating, but they can really work if you simply pick the best proportion. Try a sequined shrug, for example, or perhaps a waist-tie African-inspired tunic. Geometrics and graphic prints are welcome additions to your wardrobes, and easily worn as a decorative top.